AquaPlay Aqualand 516 Set with Lock Box

$ 99.99
Ages 3+
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This fun Aqualand 516 set can be folded and taken with you just about anywhere! Play with the included car and boat in the canals and on the ramp, churn the water with your water wheel, pump water in and out of the locks with your water pump, and scoop bucketfuls with your crane. There's so much to do and play with Aquaplay sets! Add separate accessories or extension pieces to make this set even bigger, or combine it with an existing AquaPlay set. The possibilities are endless!

Includes: Crane with Bucket, 3 Locks, Water Wheel, 2 Water Gates, Bridge, Ramp, Water Pump, 2 Fasteners, Ramp, Car, Boat, and more!

All AquaPlay systems are simple to put together and take apart, compact and easy to store, waterproof and reliable, indefinitely expandable with additional pieces, and are made from non-toxic recyclable plastic!

Measures approximately 32" long x 18.5", assembled.

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AquaPlay Aqualand 516 Set with Lock Box
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20 x 5.5 x 15
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